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dogeyshibafarts crypto nft




What is an NFT?

In a word, ART! But in general an NFT can also be many other things, too! NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”— unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership for users to buy, own, and trade.


What blockchain are the Dogey Shiba Farts NFTs on?

The 69 animated gifs are on the Polygon blockchain. The contract is 0xF859F3E991821a31dBFff7700fa7d84614160126. Please feel free to make an offer for the one you like! The 10,000 personal profile pictures are minting on the Solana blockchain at


How can I get a Dogey Shiba Fart?

You will need to use a Crypto Wallet that both can hold and transfer Ethereum and that is also supported by the Opensea platform. You can load up your wallet with ETH or SOL via an exchange like Coinbase or Binance. You can view the inventory and purchase a Dogey Shiba Fart from what is available in the collection of 69 GIFs on Opensea or Mint a personal profile picture from our Metaplex Studio. Always beware of impostors.


How much do they cost?

There are only 69 Dogey Shiba Fart GIFs in the whole world! The average rarity across the entire collection has been divided into 3 levels and given a suggested retail price for each level. However, given the small number of Dogey Shiba Farts created, and expecting unprecedented demand, the prices for the GIFs will be determined by buyer bid, assuming at least the minimum threshold of the suggested retail price has been met. The NFTs in the 10,000 personal profile picture collection can be minted for 0.69 Solana ($SOL) each! All gas fees and transaction costs from either failed or successful transactions will be paid by the buyer. No refunds are available.


How many Dogey Shiba Farts are there?

There are a total of 69 painstakingly handcrafted and unique Dogey Shiba Fart GIFs, 6 very rare, 12 so special, and 51 such common. There are 10,000 Dogey Shiba Fart profile picture NFTs, each one unique!


What are the rarities?

There are different attributes that make up each Fart.  Some are more rare than others so look for the ones you like most! Each NFT is unique!


Is there any unlockable content?

Yes, each purchase of a GIF also comes with a high resolution image of your DogeyShibaFart without the animation (similar as the profile picture NFT), for use as a profile picture or anywhere where the animation is not preferred!


What can I do with my Dogey Shiba Fart?

You can spend days laughing with friends and making up fun fart jokes! They are collectibles, you can collect them or trade with others! You can flex on your friends by using it as a profile picture on your social media accounts! You can use them to make your own memes! The possibilities are endless!


How were Dogey Shiba Farts made?

Each of our 69 Dogey Shiba Farts were handcrafted pixel by pixel and animated by our in-house artist. 

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